Designating your given titles in the military is of great importance and pride. Most of the young, enterprising men and women on active duty eagerly display their ranks and callsigns when visible and appropriate.

Rankset and LapelsEdit

Created for ease of memory as well as adequate hiearchy to ensure optimal performance and sociability by the Systems Alliance. Increases in rank from left to right (with "cadet" being the least and "Fleet Admiral" being the highest obtainabe military rank).


Each and every soldier must display rank via the wearing of lapels on both uniform collars on the outer jacket as well as one on either side of designated berets if applicable.

Callsigns and DogtagsEdit

Appointed on a person-by-person basis, usually by a commander officer to those who are beneath his direct rule (for example, a lieuteant to the cadets he is tasked to train). Many times these may be embarassing and yet capable of capturing key aspects of a person's unique characteristics. Also, callsigns may be used as generational markers in that anyone with a distinctly Greek or Mythological callsign were cadets before the attack on the Citadel and during the reign of Mateo as Commander of the fleet (ME2 Timeline). Anyone with a song lyric/title callsign is from pre-Mateo, during the fleet's early days, before the Reaper invasion entirely (ME1 Timeline). Anyone with adjectives or descriptive attributes is the current generation of trainees (ME3 Timeline). Thus, every new generation usually has their own theme. Callsigns may be engraved on dogtags at a soldier's behest but at not required. What is required on dogtags per uniform regulation is the seal of whatever ship they are currently assigned to, under which must be placed their name (first initial, full surname), their rank, and ID registration number. Dogtags are made of a high-grade, bronze colored metal capable of withstanding most subspace atmosphere. They are also waterproof. They are always hexagonal in shape. All military personnel are issued two of each with a matching ballchain. Tags must be worn at all times possible.