In most colloquial lingo, unique powers and/or abilities are all called "talents". There are several that range from both organic and inorganic nature.

Eagle Sense System (ESS-17)Edit

This is an experimental eye surgery that has only been done three times to three of The Brotherhood's most trusted assassins--Altaïr Ibn'La-Ahad, Desmond Miles, and Ezio Auditore. Patient remains completely conscious, but numbed throughout the entire body, while knives on a microscopic level take to inserting biotics which allow the user to discern between enemies, allies, as well as targets by using light and color detection. Basic colors are red (enemies), blue (allies/assassins), white (informants), gold (targets), but other colors may be programmed into the system with various updates in the future to represent other roles. Cold trails as old at 15 hours are visible upon the ground whether they belong to enemies or allies. The ESS-17 allows for a longer range of sight and is even able to record footage (which in turn is used for training and observation). The surgery is not painful, but post-op problems include severe headaches, bleeding of the ears and nose, and hallucinations. The only doctors cleared for this surgery are those on The Monteriggioni, The Masyaf, and The Bayeaux.


A genetic ability that can be enhanced or inducted by the use of element zero. Biotic abilities fall into three general categories: Kinesis, the use of mass-lowering fields to lift or hurl objects; Kinetic Fields (known as Stasis) mass-raising fields to immobilize objects (in combat, usually enemy projectiles or enemies themselves); and Spatial Distortion, the creation of shifting mass-effect fields which rip apart any objects caught within them. The last one is the most difficult to master and to control.