Known as "alien" species from the point of view of human beings, these characters can be either organic or inorganic (meaning they were not born alien so much as having become so).


She is a Queen Xenomorph who is well-known for having both a hankering for wheat toast and an oddly docile disposition (especially when in view of the Marker signal). She was found during a catastrophic mining mission led by the N7 Languedoc. Full grown, she measures at 20 feet high and has a large headcrest that protects her brain. She has a very light scar running down his face from when her egg was damaged during the mine collapse.

Like most Xenomorphs of her kind, Vega is extremely intelligent despite the fact that she cannot actually see. However, she is capable of operating heavy machinery and understanding basic human languages. She is also extremely dangerous, volatile, and prone to violence.

Adrien VictusEdit

The current Turian primarch (he bears the familiar off-white facial markings) but primarily a headstrong, militant soldier.

Garrus VakarianEdit

A Turian sniper who goes by the codename "Archangel". Like most turians, Garrus had his military training at fifteen, but later followed in his father's footsteps to become a C-Sec officer. He is generally courteous but dislikes rules and regulations. He prefers to work alone. Generally speaking, he is described as hot-headed and as rash. Many claim that his reticence is due to C-Sec's demoralizing beauracracy.

Tali-Zorah nar RayyaEdit

A Quarian scout.

Alexander MercerEdit

The first victim of the Blacklight Virus developed by Gentek, the viral weaponry department of Cerberus.