Although most sicknesses (such as the common cold) will forever plague the races regardless of technological advancement, there are some ailments (and indeed, obsessions) that are unique to the current atmosphere and developed age of space living.

SPEZ - 4525BEdit

An experimental substance filed as "SPEZ - 4525B" in official records by the Yutani Company (its creators, prior to its absoprtion into Weyland Industries) but most popularly called "spice" and known as "eezo" or "sparkies" or "star whites". It was first introduced as a fake, literary concept in a utopian novel by reknown author Alan Wake. Little did he know his "imagination" would be of actual practicality. This is a slightly corrupted (or alloyed) form of Element Zero (either purely mined or chemically recreated in a lab) that functions as a barbituate (when used legally for medical purposes) and a sensory enhancer (when abused) that is primarily injected into the body (although originally, it comes in a powder form for inhalation, snorting, or smoking). Known to cause exciting and long-lasting hallucenations, trances, as well as being able to block all pain sensations (both physical and psychological) for a short period of time. Highly addictive, expensive, and extremely destructive. Fatal overdose is messy as well as agonizing, usually manifesting in complete psychologic breakdown marked with terrifying hallucinations and massive internal bleeding (if the user already has pre-installed biotic nodules, they will risk the rotting and destruciton of the central nervous system as well as destruction of their spinal cord as the nodules overheat and collapse). Developed first for restricted hospital use, there have been suspicions of utilizing Spice as a form of biochecmical tool for other, far more dangerous reasons, though most such thoughts are little more than rumors (so they say). There is known to be an alternative form of the substance (indeed, an earlier form) known as "SPEZ - 4525A" but there is little known information about it as of now. It is rumored to have some connection with the failure of the "Hadley's Hope" colony project over 30 some years ago.